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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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breaking news. first at 4:00, breaking news on a story we have been following all day. a man in custody in connection with a case of rush hour road rage that ended with a shooting. the victim a woman and she is now recovering. >> we have learned that shots rang out after the victim and her boyfriend got out of the car and started yelling at the suspect. it all unfolded at the busy corner of eisenhower avenue and the connecter to the beltway. let's get to julie carey who has a look at the security camera video showing moments after the shooting. >> reporter: not long ago we learned the identity of the man accused of shooting that female victim. he is ernest stickell. he was tracked down and arrested in virginia. let me set the stage. it is believed this dispute started right up there on the beltway. a witness tells us she heard horns honking and shouting as the two
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white van exited on to the connecter here. it was right across the street in that left-hand turn lane where the suv swerved in front of the van, came to a stop, both driver and passenger got out and that is when things escalated. this is the security camera video of the moments just after the shooting. the suv driver hit in the neck and back does a u turn loop. it is hard to see but the suspect in the white van turns right in the other direction fleeing the scene. the suv's windows shattered by bullets. this woman who doesn't want her face shown saw it all happen. she was taking a cigarette break. she says the two vehicles got her attention right away as they exited the beltway. >> looked left because i heard horns going. i was like somebody cut somebody off.
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work van and then the suburban. >> reporter: she says the suv traveling behind the van swerved around. she says the suv driver and passenger got out and began walking back towards the van driver. >> she got out of the vehicle and was screaming before she got out she was yelling at him as she got by him. she got out, was screaming profanity and then the gentleman on the passenger side jumped out. they were going towards the white vehicle. both screaming profanity and nasty words. i heard five or six gun shots. i went oh no. there was a shooting going on. i ducked in for a second. >> reporter: she saw the white van drive off. the suv had already pulled away doing that u turn through the intersection ahead. now that shooting victim is a 33-year-old woman. we are told she is ete
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when i join you at 5:00 i will tell you about something that happened out here that helped police track down the shooter. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, julie. that woman will have a story to tell. several disturbing high profile road rage incidents reported this summer including the killing of a 17-year-old girl here in the d.c. area. you can take a look at the cases on the nbc washington app. search road rage. temperatures have soared well into the 90s. that's not even taking that awful humidity into account. feels like well over 100 when you step outdoors. >> stay inside. don't step outdoors. we got you covered this afternoon. kids have been staying cool outside, let's get to doug in the storm center. >> we saw a very hot day yesterday. today up to 94
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the heat index up to 103. take a look at the current moments. 95 leesburg. 94. there is 94 in washington. add in dew point and humidity and you get heat index of 103 d.c. 99 in fredricksburg. i think it gets hotter during the day tomorrow. i think we get over the 105 degree threshold. that is advisory criteria for a heat advisory. tomorrow just below that level. friday, saturday and sunday we get above that heat indexes between 105 and 108 degrees friday, saturday and sunday. the only saving grace could be a couple of storms on saturday and sunday. hopefully we will be watching out for those. really a time to start thinking about what to do outside if you have the kids outside, maybe sending them to camps. kristin wright is outside and hopefully staying cool
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>> reporter: yes, doug. i am. i will tell you about the craziest thing i did all week was put on this black dress this morning. i am really hot but happy to be here at the martin luther king outdoor pool. this water feels so good and i am making friends. their good friend here know exactly what to do on a day like today. diane remembers. she grew up coming here. you are glad it's here now. how fun is it to come here with your kids? >> i love the lazy river. i don't have to do anything. the kids have been enjoying the water slide. >> it does feel good. how do you feel? >> fine. >> is it hot? >> yes. >> how does the water feel, though? >> nice and cold especially because i'm wearing a black swim suit. >> reporter: i understand. and you're wearing a black suit.
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how do you like coming out here and kicking back on a day like this? >> amazing. we just float around for hours and chat while the kids are having fun. it's the best day. it's a great place to come and there are water slides. it's the best of all the worlds. >> i have my water handy all day. back to you. >> you may be pouring that water over your head soon. stay cool out there. if you are looking for places to go and cool off near d.c. head to news 4's facebook page where we have posted our top ten picks on lakes, beaches and watering holes. all just an easy drive away. the local chipotle restaurant at the center of renewed health concerns is open again. it reopened this morning. the store closed on monday after chipotle became aware of reports of illnesses consistent with noro virus. chipotle says a lot of teams have
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store. the health department is working with the restaurant to figure out what caused the illnesses. instead of looking ahead to his future a teenager's family is planning his funeral. the victim just 17 years old and it's the 14th homicide this month in prince george's county. darcy spencer is live in laurel. you just spoke with the boy's father. what is the family saying tonight? >> reporter: we are along large dale road. this is where this young teenager died in a shooting last night. like you said, i just spoke to his father. as you can understand he is grieving. he said that his son was a good kid. he was a sweet kid and never had a chance to grow into adulthood. he would have turned 18 in september. he was 17 years old. his name dustin khoury. he would have been a senior this fa.
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killed in a car here. he was 14th homicide victim here in the county just this month. police say he was killed during what they are calling an illegal transaction. his father says he doesn't know anything about the circumstances but that his son was well loved. i spoke to him via face time. >> totally devastated. his mom is devastated. he has an older brother and younger sister. we are all just shocked because he was such a good kid. loved by everybody. >> reporter: they are hoping to close the case with an arrest sometime soon. president trump invited republican senators to lunch today and scolded them for
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care law. his message action is not an option and pressured about the august recess. >> the pressure is on. president trump is now calling on all senators to stay in washington until they can get health care done. mitch mcconnell is vowing some sort of vote by next week. another health care defeat for gop senators today a mandate from president trump. >> we can repeal but we should repeal and replace and we shouldn't leave town until this is complete. >> the president putting senators on the spot to try again even as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing a fallback plan. >> i think we all agree it is better to both repeal and
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but we could have a vote on either. >> reporter: as republicans work to push the agenda forward president trump looking back at the 2016 election. >> we have to protect the integrity of the vote and our voters. >> reporter: kicking off the first meeting of voter fraud commission formed after the president claimed without evidence that millions of people voted illegally costing the popular vote. no mention of that today nor mention of russian interference. more than two dozen have refused including the secretary of state of california. >> they want their hands on the sensitive personal information. >> reporter: as protesters call on the commission to be shut down saying the true purpose is not voter integrity but voter suppression. the president promised that the commission will be a fair and
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>> thank you. security is about to get tighter when you fly especially if you are planning a get away to a popular vacation spot. >> also first at 4, canine flu. could be potentially dangerous. working for you with the best ways to keep your dog and your family safe. summer time health hazards. we are not just talking about the heat. the best ways to stay healthy in the heat. we are working for you even during the break. >> storm team 4 and the top stories on our app
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if you have been caught recently by one of the many speed cameras in our area you are not alone. more than 2 million tickets were issued last year in maryland and d.c. four out of nine tickets were issued in the city alone which raked in $100 million in revenue. aaa says that is the highest number of tickets and the most revenue seen in d.c. it is important that there are more speed cameras and revenue does not reflect in the same year they are given because many tickets are paid late. >> four out of nine of those wind up in my mailbox. news you should know about if you are headed to
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vacation. mexican airport security will begin enhanced laptop security on flights to the u.s. the transportation department said laptops would have to be taken out of bags and outside of cases during screening. officials encourage people to avoid bringing laptops in carry on baggage, as well. if you have a dog we have important information that you need to know. cases of dog flu are on the rise. >> veterinarians say it is highly contagious and can be deadly in some cases. news 4's christ gordon has steps to make sure your dog stays healthy. >> reporter: a 2-year-old pit bull mix. his vet says it is important to make sure pets get vaccinated against dog flu spreading. there have been cases reported from florida to chicago, illinois. local
4:16 pm
around now is dangerous and can be deadly. >> it is a contagious virus and symptoms can become quite sick and some case kz be fatal if it is severe enough. >> here they explain to me that this new vaccine helps prevent two types of canine influenza. he made it a priority to get his dog vaccinated. >> i am aware of the consequences of not getting the vaccine. >> reporter: vets say two weeks after the initial flu shot dogs will need a booster and then once a year after that. back to you. >> can you imagine anything worse than having the flu and being outside and wearing a fur coat? >> those are just some of the words people are using. people stop me
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that's the way it is going to be. out there right now it is exactly that, hazy, hot and humid. the three hs. you can see haze out there as you look off towards the capital. current temperature at 94 degrees at the airport. winds out of the south 10 miles per hour. we have dew points to low 70s. very uncomfortable afternoon. temperaturewise just heat index and add in dew point to the temperatures and heat advisory of 103. 99 in fredricksburg. and that may go up a little bit but i think it is going up over the next couple of days tomorrow and into the day on friday. on radar nothing going on in our immediate area. we do have a couple of storms right now that are forming along the bay. the bay sends in a breeze. those storms are forming and sliding down towards annapolis. heads up if you look just north probably sg
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thunder over there. watch out in that area. this is the satellite and radar together. not a lot of cloud cover around our region. that is enabling us. we are going to stay like this over the next couple of days. last few days we have had a bit in the way of scattered showers and storms. hot and humid tomorrow. high temperature of 97 degrees. feeling more like 100 to 105. it is going to be a very hot afternoon. the national weather service says right now they are not anticipating a heat advisory for tomorrow. we may see one issued tomorrow if the heat indexes get up to the number. so what about tomorrow. people sending kids off to camp. plenty of time to have water and camps are bringing kids in during hottest part
4:19 pm
93 by noon. 97 degrees feeling like 100 plus. check on the elderly. check on your pets, as well. remember the kids, once you see their cheeks getting a little flush. that tells you they are on the dehydrated side. 99 degrees on friday. high temperature of 95 on saturday. this is good news. we think a few more clouds and a better chance of storms on saturday. still into mid 90s. heat advisory between 100 and 108 degrees. heat is on but next week looking better back to the 80s. >> o.j. simpson has been locked up for almost a decade now. that can soon change. why he could be out of jail in just a few months. summer time fun and heat and maybe the hospital. dr. jackie joins
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dr. jackie is here to take us through the list. first of all, most of us want a nice, lush green lawn in the summer. unbelievable numbers of people wind up in the er. what are they doing wrong? >> first of all, they are slicing their fingers and mowing off feet and getting eye injuries. no flip-flops when doing lawn. make sure you are wearing shoes. >> and then grass, pollen, mold and poison ivy skplmpt tw when you are cutting the lawn it's not just grass pollen, there is mold on the grass. be sure you are covered up make sure jump in the shower, wash off that pollen and please wash your hands before you use the bathroom otherwise you end up with poison ivy in interesting places. >> when it is superhot we
4:24 pm
stay hydrated. many people drink the wrong thing the wrong way. >> if you just chug the water a lot of people will drink a whole gallon and vomit it right up. drinking the wrong thing. some people will think energy drink has extra boost in it which is wrong because it may have extra boost but has extra caffei caffeine. >> it is not a substitute for water. >> sip slowly through the day. >> and drink your water. how do you tell when you are about to suffer heat stroke because you are so dehydrated? >> that is the most severe form. you will feel dizzy, hallucinating. go ahead and look at your urine. shouldn't be darker than straw colored. >> let's talk about the skin. cancer warnings we know about. we think fewer sun burns. one third of us are s
4:25 pm
>> we are. what you need to realize it is like a thermal burn. in other words, if you got caught in a fire it's the same thing. risk of skin cancer goes way up with those burns. please don't fall asleep in the sun. >> when i get burned the first thing i do is use ice. wrong or right? >> that is okay to use ice. you need to think how we would treat you in the icu which is where you would be with a severe burn. you need to replace fluids internally and then put ice or cooling on the outside to cool the skin down. take pain medications. treat the itch with some kind of benadryl spray. i don't want you scratching your skin and put some sort of antibiotic ointment. you have lost your barrier of infection. so be really careful with your skin and keeping it from getting an infection. >> and if you are allergic to those stinging insects it can be tough to
4:26 pm
>> don't dress like this. what i have on is perfect thing to attract a bee because it is bright colored. it looks like a flower. i smell kind of nice. when you have the perfumes on. be careful with the soda cans. the yellow jackets will hide. if you get a reaction which up to three percent of people in the u.s. have severe form that means you will break out in hives and have shortness of breath and loss of consciousness. after you go to the e.r. get to an allergist. don't just leave it at that. >> you got all that? >> i do. i have had that experience with the can and the yellow jacket. just ahead, a local dad gets a phone call in the middle of the night that every parent dreads. >> my son, that's my man and h
4:27 pm
is up there fighting for his life. >> his plea to the community as neighbors wonder what happened. our first official account of whated up l
4:28 pm
4:29 pm
plea for change after his son
4:30 pm
walked into a dangerous situation inside a local home. >> tough questions about the death of a bride to be at the hands of police. new this afternoon a new account of what happened in the minutes after she called for help. why o.j. simpson could be released from jail for the first time in almost a decade. >> you're watching news 4 at 4:00. >> gun violence with these young kids whether wrong, right, in between, it just has to stop. too many youth are dying. a father calls for an end to gun violence after someone shoots his son during a home invasion. prince george's county police are still trying to piece together what happened in this case and so far there were no arrested. >> the shooting happened around 12:30 this morning. more on the possible motive behind this shooting. >> reporter: just beyond broken crime scene tape the remnants of an
4:31 pm
investigators snapping photos searching inside this townhouse where police say a shooting unfolded overnight in what was a home invasion and attempted robbery. >> the robbery was not successful so they were not able to get away with any goods. >> reporter: about 12:30 wednesday morning police were on scene finding a man shot several times. >> one man who was suffering from gunshot wounds was taken to the hospital. >> it's terrible. my son. that's my man and he's done. he is fighting for his life. >> reporter: he says his 20-year-old son is the shooting victim. >> gunshot wounds everywhere. twice in the neck, once in the face. got a hole in the back of his head, a hole in his leg. i'm tired. >> reporter: this distraught dad is still learning the details of the case. he worries his son may have been in questionable company when the reported home invasion took place.
4:32 pm
found a handgun and spoke to people who were in the townhouse when the shots were fired. they are still looking for at least one other man who ran away from the scene. and it is unclear which direction that second man fled. detectives working to get a better description of him and a better recollection of what happened in that townhouse overnight. in district heights, news 4. first official account of what led up to the shooting of an australian woman in minneapolis. the partner of the officer who pulled the trigger says he heard a loud bang around the same time that justine damond approached the car saturday morning. shortly after he says that his partner who was in the passenger seat shot damond through the open driver's side window of the car. so far noor has not been interviewed by
4:33 pm
this story has made headlines across the u.s. and around the world and raising some questions once again about policing in america. >> whur's troy johnson is here now. there are two issues here. first the actual circumstances of the shooting and then the way the police department responds afterward. >> people are surprised at how this situation went down. folks are upset about the situation where officers seem to be reacting before they assess what is going on. we have seen that way too many times. of course we know several situations like this in minnesota alone over the last year. we can think about castile. we know that officer noor is not talking. they are more concerned about police departments and police brass not speaking out when things like this go wrong when the community sees something
4:34 pm
that this raises questions about the way officers are being trained in america. that's not being addressed while innocent people are dying. >> the fact that the cameras were not turned on is the biggest eyebrow razor in this case especially if the officers say they heard a noise. >> that speaks to the training. most people telling me when the cameras were rolled out in many communities that was the primary goal that you have cameras on at all times and officers responding the way they normally do their job. the camera being off was never an issue. >> from cameras to cults. r. kelly being accused of holding women in alleged to be cult-like conditions not being allowed to stay in touch with families. kelly is saying he will go after his accusers, denying reports. this ino
4:35 pm
him. >> listeners saying we heard allegations about r. kelly for years. they remember his acquittal almost ten years ago on child pornography charges. it brings back old concerns that a lot of people have. no question that r. kelly is a talented multi platinum artists. the stories of interactions with minors are challenging even hard core fans. i spoke with ellen today. while r. kelly may not have committed a crime there could be investigation. she was telling me today there is the possibility that kelly is attracted to under age girls. that has her angry with women who tend to be turning a blind eye. >> what is i think alarming to me is the amount of specifically black women have about how we can excuse his attraction to
4:36 pm
it. the songs are inherently sexual, very provocative. black women not wanting to protect other black women alarms me. so i say throw the whole catalog away and we will be okay. >> she went to social media and started having this conversation about what songs were out before i believe i can fly. she said let's go to those when it is time for graduation instead of playing his songs. there was music before r. kelly and plenty of music afterwards. michael vick who has raised eyebrows telling fellow quarterback colin kaepernick to cut his hair, improve his image and land a new job. that is not sitting well with a lot considering vick has had his troubles. >> people see colin kaepernick taking a stand for
4:37 pm
this country, expressing himself like americans are allowed to and they feel like to the point that he is willing to sacrifice his career. one person telling me that nobody should understand this more than michael vick what kaepernick is going through. he is a former quarterback who is in the red hot spot light in the good times and the bad times. so we know that michael vick has clarified comments and says he supports colin. one person says maybe he should talk about how hard he worked to repair his own image to get back on the field after his troubles. they may have sat better with folks. >> might have been more useful. >> talk will go on. they are making a name for themselves. the sons and daughters of some hip hop moguls talk about their newest venture. a local woman is alive thanks to
4:38 pm
wasn't even on duty. now the two are reunited. >> we are bringing you the latest headlines and weather even during the
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another heat wave out there. we saw one last week. the only day below 90 was sunday and that was 89 degrees. now up to 94 degrees right now in d.c. you want relief? good idea. head to beaches. 83 degrees in ocean city. heat index well over 100 degrees in many areas. as we move on i think the heat index near 105 tomorrow. could see a heat advisory issued tomorrow if not definitely during the day friday and even hotter on friday. if you are making plans for the weekend i have a slight change to that weekend forecast. talking more about the heat and what to expect for your weekend. >> thank you, doug. the nex
4:42 pm
hop royalty is letting us into their lives as they start new ventures in music and fashion. >> talk about the cast of growing up hip hop season three. they stopped by here today. they talk with eun yang. they are the daughters of russell simmons. the show follows their journey to step outside the shadow of their famous families. >> all about making women feel powerful. not just pretty. you will get to see a relatable group of kids who are striving their best to reach our goals. that is what we want to inspire others to go after their goals and just relate to us and see that they have more in common with us than they think. >> season three premieres tomorrow on we tv. we'll see how it goes. >> nice young women. i met them today mid day. got a chance to say hello. >> a
4:43 pm
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ant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. it's just one of those topics, talking about money with your family can be uncomfortable especially when you have conflicting perspectives. >> consumer reporter susan hogan working for you with four ideas to make that talk a little easier. >> reporter: we have all been there whether talking to your children about how to budget or to an elderly parent about their financial future, the conversation can go horribly wrong. now there are four ways to keep the peace. as a financial planner rob has seen it all. >> money issues plus family issues can be a destructive
4:47 pm
asked americans to rate how comfortable they were when having various money conversations with their family members. of those who have had these conversations, 29% say they were uncomfortable telling their parents it's time for someone to take over the managing of their finances. and 40% were uncomfortable telling their teenagers or adult children it is time to leave the nest. the toughest conversation, 49% were uncomfortable telling their spouse they aren't bringing in enough income. there are strategies to making awkward conversations slightly less awkward. the first tip, focus on only one topic. >> too often people try to tackle everything at once. start by identifying one element of the problem. you can work on the details of the resolution once everyone is on the same page. >> reporter: sometimes you have to agree to disagree. >> no amount of talking is going to guarantee that you get a
4:48 pm
way. when you reach an impasse you may have to say sometimes let's move on. but to make real progress you might want to work with a professional. >> reporter: a financial planner can help keep conversations on track. they can take responsibility for assigning tasks and holding people accountable. one other bit of advice is take your money talk on the road. a study found people were more open when they are on more neutral ground. speaking of money issues, a new look at the high cost of child care for parents. >> jim and wendy have more on this. >> hi. it is no secret being a working parent is difficult and expensive. about a third of american families spend nearly a quarter of their income on child care. >> depending on where you live that can make a difference in how much you
4:49 pm
a look at high costs of child care at 5:00. gluten free options are everywhere. as more people report they are sensitive to that particular protein. >> can gluten and tolerance come from consuming something else? the chemical in foods that some experts may say is the cause as we down our cookies. >> they just finished a meeting and brought leftovers. we went and got cookies. we are not intolerant to anything. >> i'm not allergic to anything at all. >> we are thinking of you right now. >> i can feel the love. >> we love gluten. and we love the heat but this is a little hot. >> you love the heat. >> i do but not the humidity. >> that's the big thing. you like the dry heat. i know what you like. temperatures today are in the 90s. humidity is the real factor. that is the case.
4:50 pm
hear all about the next couple of days. heat index is when you take temperature and add in the dew point and you get what it feels like out there which is 103. current temperature 93 degrees. if you are planning your evening picking kids up from camp 91 degrees at 7:00. 82 degrees at 11:00. very humid conditions. that is the case. 92 current temperature. 86 right now. 86 in annapolis. a little storm right around the annapolis area. one back into west virginia. this is the only area that has the storm in our immediate region. 93re
4:51 pm
make sure wearing plenty of sun block. 95 degrees and feeling around 100 to 105 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures there around 97 degrees. it is hot and humid during the day today. it gets worse. you are in at least some shade. the humidity is a big factor we are dealing with for days. >> all about the humidity. i love how angie angie goff describes the humidity. it is like a wet sponge. that is how it feels out here even in the shade. take a look at the humidity. we are in that oppressive range. that is going to stick around not just tomorrow and friday but into your weekend. this is monday now. it is still feeling oppressive. not until tuesday that we see humidity break. weather alert days tomorrow and friday because of how hot and humid it is going to be. maybe into the weekend and heading into the weekend it is going to feel over 100 degrees during afternoon hours. there is yourls
4:52 pm
forecast. you see thursday through sunday over 100. friday through sunday feeling over 105 during the afternoon. as you were saying the pool is a great place to be. i made a tee time this weekend. we do have updates to the weekend. not as far as storm chances go. >> you made a tee time for the weekend? >> sunday afternoon. >> that's going to be the hottest day. didn't i tell you it would be hot out there? temperatures next few days going up 99 degrees on friday. that will be the hottest day we think. we have taken saturday and sunday down a little bit. 100 on sunday down to 96. it is still hot and humid. a better chance of cloud cover. severe weather possible this weekend. temperature around 95. how about those 80s? you want to make a tee time, wednesday. sunday is going toe
4:53 pm
>> news you can use, don't let amelia make tee times for you. legal troubles some of the most high profile and infamous
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after nearly nine years behind bars, o.j. simpson is now just hours away from learning whether or not he will be released from a nevada prison. >> simpson has a sit down with the parole board tomorrow morning. jay gray joins us now with a closer look. >> reporter: as we get closer to the parole hearing many analysts and most aggressive opponents say they think there is a good chance o.j. simpson will get his walking papers here tomorrow. spent almost nine years behind
4:57 pm
desert. he can find out how much longer he will be held in the correctional center. >> if ever there were a candidate that deserved to be released it's o.j. simpson. >> my intent was not to rob from anybody. >> reporter: this is the second time simpson will face the parole board. a successful appearance in 2013 left him with four years to rooetch his minimum required time behind bars for his part in a 2008 armed robbery. simpson has reportedly been a model inmate with no discipli disciplinary issues. he may get parole based upon merits of his conduct in this case. >> reporter: a case that is not supposed to have impact on thursday's hearing.
4:58 pm
goldman's sister talked about simpson's possible parole in march. >> i am starting to get anxious because i believe he will be paroled. >> reporter: while simpson is preparing to ask the parole board for his freedom. earliest release date would be october 1. if denied next hearing would be at least a year away. that is the latest live here in nevada. >> thanks. news 4 is the place to be as the word comes down tomorrow. watch for an nbc news special report here on news 4. the hearing is expected to start around 1:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. >> a blazing sun and high humidity sends the heat index soaring and this is just the beginning of what will
4:59 pm
uncomfortable few days. >> reporter: most definitely. temperature shot up to 96 degrees at the airport. heat index close to 100. that will be going up. a couple of weather alert days. i will update you on when and what to expect. an arrest after an significant between two drivers on the beltway ends in gun shots. it started with horns honking and profanity and ended with the sounds of glass shattered by bullets. >> this was breaking news this morning. it has been developing all day long. >> late this afternoon that accused shooter was taken into custody. meanwhile we are hearing that the woman who was shot is expected to be okay. >> this started around 8:00 this morning after two cars exited the beltway in alexandria. julie carey joins us from the busy intersection that was shut down for hours today. >> reporter: the
5:00 pm
incident that started right up there escalated when the two vehicles pulled into left-hand turn lane. a witness tells me that is when the victim driving the suv brought her vehicle to a stop. she and her passenger got out and started walking towards the van. police say that is when 58-year-old ernest stickell pulled the trigger and then fled. tonight he is behind bars charged with malicious wounding. it was a road rage incident that nearly turned deadly. an suv, windows blown out. a trail of glass in the street. this is the security camera video of the moments just after the shooting. the suv driver hit in the neck and back does a u turn loop before stopping and getting out. it is hard to see here but the suspect in the white van turns right in the other direction fleeing the scene. >> going to be a white van. >> rte


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